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Provider Training Portal


How to use our Training Portal

Click the checkbox to open the training.

Read over the material and move to the next training.

Check the Attestation checkbox and press submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple Email Requests

If several people in your practice received an email request to complete the trainings, please be advised that only one training attestation is required per Tax ID Number (TIN), not per email.

Practice Administrators

If you are a practice administor and would like to distribute these trainings to your providers, simply open the trainings and download the PDF and distribute.

Time Saving Tip

Rather than filling out the form and submitting one training at a time, you can submit multiple trainings in one attestation. To do so, make sure the status to all the trainings are set to Complete.


To read and navigate the training material, click the checkbox to the left of the training name to open the training material, place your mouse over the opened gray box to enable the scrolling. If you are on a mobile device, touch the gray box to enable the scrolling feature.


Applicable for either Medicaid or Medicare providers (i.e. MD, PT, OT, ST and others)

Training Name Plan Start End Status
MMM 03-24-2021 12-31-2021 Available
Network 01-01-2021 12-31-2021 Available
CMS 01-01-2021 12-31-2021 Available
CMS 01-01-2021 12-31-2021 Available
CMS 01-01-2021 12-31-2021 Available
Network 01-01-2021 12-31-2021 Available
Network 05-05-2021 12-31-2021 Available


Before pressing SUBMIT, please review the trainings listed below to see if any of the remaining training(s) are required for your practice.

  • • 2021 MMM MOC Training
  • • 2021 Supplemental Training - ATA
  • • CMS Fraud, Waste & Abuse
  • • CMS General Compliance
  • • CMS HIPAA Training
  • • Cultural Competency
  • • HSWF Training