All trainings are applicable for either Medicaid or Medicare providers (i.e. MD, PT, OT, ST and others).
Training Name Status Plan End
Required Network Ongoing
Required Network Ongoing
Required Network Ongoing
Required Network Ongoing
Required Network Ongoing
Required Network Ongoing
Required NHTRC Ongoing
Required NHTRC Ongoing
Required CarePlus 12-31-2023
Required Devoted 12-31-2023
Required Doctors Ongoing
Required Humana 12-31-2023
Required MMM-FL 12-31-2023
Required HN1 Ongoing


The attestation (box below) must be read in its entirety in order to activate the agree checkbox.

As required by government agencies, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and state agencies that oversee Medicaid plans, First Tier, Downstream, and Related Entities (FDRs) that provide administrative and/or healthcare services for Medicare Parts C and D plans and/or state Medicaid plans administered by, Health Network One, your organization is considered a Downstream Entity of Health Network One. This attestation is intended to be evidence that the requirements listed above were met by your organization for the current year. This training must occur initially during the new provider orientation period or the first fifteen (15) days after provider’s effective date, whichever comes first, and annually thereafter. The authorized representative of the downstream entity (i.e. contracted HN1 provider) shall ensure that all providers at their practice who are delivering services to members on behalf of HN1, shall comply with the completion of annual trainings as documented herein. Records of the completion of such trainings must be maintained for at least 10 years from the date of attestation.

I certify, as an authorized representative of an entity that has a written agreement with Health Network One, that the statements made above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Also, my organization agrees to maintain documentation supporting the statements made above. We will maintain this documentation in accordance with federal regulations and our contract with Health Network One, which is no less than ten (10) years.

My organization will produce evidence of the above to Health Network One and/or the applicable government agency upon request. My organization understands that the inability to produce this evidence may result in a request for a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) or other contractual remedies such as contract termination.

Before pressing SUBMIT, please review the trainings listed below to see if any of the remaining training(s) are required for your practice.

  • • Code of Conduct
  • • Cultural Competency
  • • Fraud Waste Abuse
  • • General Compliance
  • • HSWA
  • • Human Trafficking Ver 01
  • • Human Trafficking Ver 02
  • • MOC CarePlus
  • • MOC Devoted
  • • MOC Doctors HP
  • • MOC Humana
  • • MOC MMM-FL
  • • Supplemental Training HN1